Download this template to help you and those serving with you to plan your lesson. Download Lesson template (PDF) for a more spaced out version for printing before writing in.

Lesson template
Lesson template PDF

Download an example of a lesson developed within a template.
Lesson example – God’s majesty seen on the Earth
Lesson example – God’s beauty seen in creation



Planning, praying and coordinating with others are an important part of the children’s service. Saints testify that successful times with the children follow prayer, planning and coordination.

  • Careful planning helps to focus you – to analyse your own and children’s understandings. It is pivotal in helping you bring to mind, refine and develop the pedagogy (teaching ability) you need to effectively interact with children.
  • Research shows the best learning comes from well thought out and well planned lessons.
  • Plans help to scaffold (build) ideas
  • Best planning is done collaboratively (in co-ordination)

What do we do?

1. Begin with the big picture – what do you want to get across to the children? This is your main focus. The main focus appears at the top of each lesson resource.
2. Ask yourself how will I teach/share/impart that?
3. Unpick the main idea: break it down into sections or areas you want covered. This may be two or three single points. The lesson resource has a single focus for each level. You may choose to use this single focus for your level.
4. Break those points (or that point) down again into small tasks – thinking carefully about what your children will be able to do. Lessons are strongly linked to your knowledge of the children.

An example

Main focus: Creation reveals God’s characteristic of beauty. God made all things and designed them to express His beauty.

Particular point to impart: To identify the characteristic of beauty in God’s creation

Tasks that children will do to understand this point

Children will:
• Examine a lily and the parts of the lily to appreciate its beauty
• Identify beauty in creation using picture cards by comparing God-made items to man-made items
• Discuss and list the differences between God-made items and man-made items

See the full example lesson in a planning template.

Using the lesson resources

In coordination with your group you are encouraged to plan your own lesson. However, lesson resources have been prepared to help with your planning. Lesson resources contain a number of strategy and activity ideas for saints to use. Some of the resources for lesson use have been prepared as well and it’s worth checking these out – they may save you quite a bit of time. These resources include pictures for story telling, stories to tell, activities, cards and worksheets.

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