2021 Term 3: Human Relationships

Children will identify virtues necessary for positive human relationships such as kindness, love, care and forgiveness.

Theme songs Include at least 2-3 of these songs in your selection so children get to know them well during the term.

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Week 1
1 Aug
*Trainees Team 1
Children are important
Children are important to God. They are called by God and can respond to Him. Children are useful to God and can serve Him. Children can be perfected to serve as New Testament priests in much the same way as Samuel learned to serve as a priest in the house of God. Children can learn precious lessons while observing the consequences of the mistakes of others. With proper discernment children can be useful to God.  
Week 2
8 Aug
*Trainees Team 2
God is a kind and loving God. He treats us with love and kindness. He asks us to be kind and loving to other people, just as He is to us. We can show kindness to others by helping them in their need. Sometimes we need to forgo what we want (sacrifice ourselves) for the sake of others. God delights in us when we are kind to others.  
Week 3
15 Aug
*Trainees Team 3
A good conscience
We have a feeling inside us (our conscience) that tells us right from wrong. It is wise to know right from wrong because it helps us get on with others. We need to follow the feeling inside us (in our conscience) and choose what is right. We can keep a good conscience by being quick to apologise to others for our wrongdoings.  
Week 4
22 Aug
*Trainees Team 4
God always speaks the truth. He also wants us to be ones who speak the truth from our heart. People who are honest can be trusted and are valued highly everywhere! 
Week 5
29 Aug
*Trainees Team 1
(Young People’s Camp)
To be flexible means that we are ready and able to change, to be easily modified to respond to people and different situations. We should not insist on doing things our way, but be willing and able to adapt to others’ schedules, suggestions, or rules. God wanted His people to be responsive to change. It is a great strength to be able to adjust and be flexible. We need to learn to be flexible when coordinating with others.  
Week 6
5 Sept
*Trainees Team 2

We should be thankful to the Lord for the people and things He has given us and placed around us. We should be thankful to the Lord not only in good times but at all times.  
Week 7
12 Sept
Sisters’ TrainingNo Children’s Meeting
Week 8
19 Sept
*Trainees Team 3
A trustworthy person is someone who can be trusted to do what he has promised.  
Week 9
26 Sept
*Trainees Team 4
We should love to sing and make a joyful noise to God. In all things and in all activities, we should have a joyful attitude. Children of God should be happy children. Even when difficult situations come, we should be thankful to the Lord and learn to take care of things joyfully. The real joy can be found by reading about God in His Word.  
Week 10
3 Oct
(School Holidays)
*Trainees Team 1
We should not be selfish, always keeping everything for ourselves. We should have a ready and willing attitude to share with others. We should actively seek out ways to help others by sharing our time, energy, and possessions with them. We can share with others what we learn at children’s meeting.  
Week 11
10 Oct
(School Holidays)
*Trainees’ Break
We need to be meek toward others. To be meek is not to argue or fight back. We should not resist how others treat us, even if they are wrong. We need to endure and accept our situation without resentment. We should not insist on our own ways, ideas, or wishes. Meekness involves our heart. We need to love others. Because we love and care for others, we can be meek and not fight for ourselves. Not fighting for ourselves means that inwardly we can accept our situation.  
Week 12
17 Oct
(School Holidays)
*Trainees’ Break
To be grateful is to be appreciative of what we have received from others and to have an appreciative attitude for what someone has done for you. We should not only be thankful with our mouths but also grateful in our hearts for the things that we have been given and for the people whom the Lord has given to us.  
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