The lesson resources have been allocated codes for quick reference. For example, the H in the code H604L means the lesson resource is from the Proper Humanity theme. The G in the code G309L means it is from the There is God theme. The L in both codes refers to them being a lesson resource. The A in the code H604A indicates this is an activity that may be used with a lesson developed from the H604L lesson resource. The codes are as follows.

Lesson resource (L)

The lesson resource is the main resource to use when developing a lesson. The lesson resource gives you the main focus to impart, along with verses and song ideas. The lesson ideas section suggests a focus (taken from the main focus) for your level and offers a variety of suggested learning experiences to choose from.

Activity sheet (A)

Activity sheets are activities that may be used as part of a lesson.

Information sheet (I)

Information sheets provide serving ones with some information about a particular topic for the lesson. It’s background information for you, some of which you may wish to talk about in the lesson.

Stories (S)

These are written stories. They may be read or told. Unless you are a skillful reader we suggest you learn the stories and tell them using the visual cards or images that go with them.

Visuals (V)

Visuals are images or pictures that can be downloaded and made into cards or used digitally when telling stories.

Worksheet (W)

Worksheets are sheets that may be printed off and given out for children to work on. They may be used as part of the lesson activity, a homework activity or as a pre or post lesson activity.

Lesson Example (LE)

A lesson example is an example of a lesson (as opposed to a lesson resource – which is a resource of ideas) that has been written in a detailed, step-by-step way. It has been included to show how a lesson may be developed.

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