What’s happening in Children’s meetings?

This section shows parents and children snippets of what is happening in our children’s meetings.


26th November 2017 (Beale Street)

Level 1 children enjoyed making butterflies with sticks and yarn.

29th October 2017 (Beale Street)

Children made animal habitat craft – in the lesson resource for G114 God is kind.

18th September 2016 (Beale Street)

Recycling toilet paper rolls to make cute owls – some girls put ribbons on the top so they can hang it over the doorknob.

14th February 2016 (Beale Street)

We made a “paper tree bag” – based on the sycamore tree from Zacchaeus’ story. The children all really enjoyed it.

13th August 2015 (Gordonton)

Children made kirigami “moving fish”!

15th November 2015 (Beale Street)

Level 1 & 2 made cards for someone they love. Level 3 made small furniture of their choice using popsicle sticks.

9th August 2015 (Beale Street)

Level 2 enjoyed making balloon animals.

19 July 2015 – Combined Children’s Meeting – Games time!


IMG_3402 IMG_3407 IMG_3404 IMG_3412IMG_3420IMG_3427IMG_3429IMG_3426

28 June 2015 – Gordonton

This week the children talked about God’s beauty seen on the Earth.

Level 1 looked at flowers – how they are made up of many parts including petals, stamens, pollen, styles and stigmas. Amazing!


Level 2 looked at many different types of birds.Then they made some cool birds’ nests with chocolate and noodles. They put jellybean eggs in the nest.


And Level 3 looked at aspects of the Earth that we don’t normally see or are aware of – like Infrared light. They looked at a movie clip and some still pictures of trees, buildings and people – all in infrared. Eerie! The overall tones were reddish orange and white. We realised that there are spectrums of light – wavelengths that God created – outside of our vision (visible light). Some insects see everything in infrared!


Then (for our science and technology workshop) we made kites and went outside to fly them.

IMG_20150628_120555IMG_3297 kitesIMG_3308

21 June 2015 – Level 3

No photos this week but Level 3 in both Beale Street and Gordonton enjoyed learning about the digestive tract. They discussed the orderliness of God’s design in eating and digestion.

The science workshop at Gordonton focused on Fire – we explored ideas about hot air rising with flying teabags, ideas about air pressure using the great candle experiment (where water gets sucked up the upsidedown glass) and ideas about surface area and combustion – we caused flames to explode from flour. Great fun.

The Beale Street Level 3’s were fortunate enough to head off for an ice cream treat in their workshop time!

Level 2 at Gordonton have been working on the front entrance of the house. 14th June 2015


North Districts – 7 July 2015

Level three talked about how God created some trees with strength and vitality on the Earth to declare His majesty and splendour. We also thanked the Lord for creating trees: to give us oxygen, to give us materials for building, to give us food, to hold the soil together preventing landslides and erosion, to provide homes for other animals, just to look majestic – creating a sense of wonder and awe for us, for us to carve to make utensils and decorations, to provide a fun structure to climb and to make swings and hammocks in.

We sketched some of the trees at Gordonton Road. Here are our sketches and pictures of us sketching.
Sketching L3sketching 4

sketching 2sketching 5

L3 tree sketches

Level two talked about trees too. They are making a creation mural for the front entrance of the Gordonton house. Today they made trees for the mural.

L2 trees


Level one talked about God creating all the plants on the Earth. They potted some plants.

L1 planting - child + adult

planting L1

L1 planting - child


Here we are singing together about God’s creation.

singing 2singing 1 singing 3

Level 3 played minefields in their workshop time – this is a game about working together and helping one another – to survive!


They made some awesome boats last week from natural materials they found outside.


And they finished painting their planets a couple of weeks ago.


Beale Street (South districts) 24 May 2015

A big welcome to Isla, our youngest member! Three days old.

youngest member Isla



We had a great time this morning. We sang about some interesting creatures that God made. The Euthalia Aconthea caterpillar has amazing camouflage ability. It just looked like a leaf! God did this!

IMG_1971 IMG_1964


We talked about God’s amazing and majestic creation this morning. Check out these pictures!

Lesson time

The serving ones tell Level One a story about the small and great big cats that God made!

L2 S lesson

Level Two learned about properties of water. God made water – fascinating stuff! We saw this morning that warm water rises above cold water. The red water was warm and the blue water was cold. The red water sat on top of the cold water!


L1 workshop aL1 workshop

Level One made lion masks

L2 with jigsaw

Level Two put together a jigsaw about the world we live in! We worked as a team and finished it together, yay!

The first 4 weeks at Gordonton (North districts) April/May 2015


Singing is great. We all sing together and are learning lots of new songs about creation. We are using a projector now so the words are on the wall and easy for all of us to see. The serving-ones sing with us. We sing the songs in different ways. We are pretty good at harmonising.


We’ve done some cool lessons about creation. God is truly awesome. He created the Universe. We saw pictures from space and learned some things about His creation, like the Earth being on a 23.5% tilt as it moves around the Sun. This is so we can get all the seasons. Having seasons means we can grow different kinds of food during the year.

We had a lesson about the different creatures God called into being – like the panda ant that looks like a tiny black and white panda but is actually a wasp with a wicked sting. It can drop a cow! We worked together in groups to make posters about some of the creatures and then we sang about them – ‘Panda ant came into being through Him!’ Here are some of our posters.

All things posters


Here are some photos of us in our workshops:

Level One making fruit and vegetable prints

level1blevel 1

Level Two making a giant Earth

L2 Earth makingL2 Earth

Level Three making papier mache planets—while being sung to.

Level 3b


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